FEATURE FILM – Pre-Production has started on MR HAPPY in Los Angeles! A dark net gang based in Nigeria steals millions from an offshore account in the Isle of Man and Lorenzo, the young financial analyst who was framed, will stop at nothing to clear his name. Shooting in Los Angeles and New York City 2021 – 2022!

FEATURE FILM – Pre-Production has started on THE VIKING in Los Angeles! A Scandinavian fur trapper brings his irreligious and egalitarian ways to the fur trade in the Yukon. Shooting in Montana in 2021-2022!

FEATURE FILM – In-Development – DEATH AND TAXES – A modern day BRAVEHEART takes place during the Poll Taxes in Great Britain. A family in the Scottish Highlands with three sons and a daughter accidentally injure an officer during the seizure of their property because of unpaid taxes and flee into the mountains to evade arrest. A revolution is born which leads to the secession of Scotland from Great Britain.

MUSIC VIDEO – Lana Love new hit single EGO GO Director/DP – Michael Rainin

FEATURE DOCUMENTARY – RUN RAVEN RUN is a groundbreaking music documentary about the past and present of Roma music, narrated by Michael Madsen. But, it is also much more than that. It depicts how venerable traditions are turned upside down by new movements being spawned inside inaccessible ghettos. It shows the rise of youth culture to redefine outdated values of society. And its soundtrack is off the charts! Viewers, young or old, attracted to any of these elements of storytelling will want to watch RUN RAVEN RUN.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY – REVOLUTION BY DESIGN Spike Lee gives an unprecedented look behind the scenes at creating the movie posters for his latest joint, Da 5 Bloods. This short documentary features Kenny Gravillis, art director for the marketing campaign and includes a special in-depth conversation with artist and activist Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, whose work inspired the film’s key art. We produced this doc on March 11th, 2020 in Oakland and San Francisco! Released on June 10th, 2020 on Youtube and Netflix!

THE SORRY GIRLS – THE HOME DEPOT – An evergreen how to series (ie, sanding, changing a tire, etc.) in the form of Instagram videos.

AIRBNB – The Small Space Makeover series features total home makeovers for owners who want to sublet their spaces as Airbnb’s or short stays while they’re away! Whether it’s a country cabin, an urban condo or a suburban home, this series turns a normal home into a modifiable, magical space that anyone would feel at home in.